Resources & References

“These winds of change from old school thinking patterns to the current procedures being practiced today began with an important study conducted in 1987 which concluded that neutering dogs and cats much earlier than the traditional puberty or old age period had no ill effects.”
- Diana Webster, Animal Press

Welcome to our resources page where we offer an array of informative articles, lectures, presentations, studies, bookmarks and video clips to help convince your veterinarian – and everyone you know -- to Fix your Feline before Five Months.

These resources fall into several categories, though some of the resources cover two or more of the reasons to fix by five months. Read and download each to arm yourself with information when discussing with your veterinarian.

For a great all-in-one resource, download Countering the Pushback To Spay. If you would like more information from Marian’s Dream, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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